Friday, May 30, 2008

One week to go. . .

Less than a week remains and we'll be off to Sydney! For those of you who are now beginning to enjoy the hot summer sun, soak up some for us, please. It's winter in Australia right now! The winters in Sydney are similar to our fall, cool, but not too cold. A good mix of rain and sun, with temperatures in the mid 50s most days. Not bad for winter, eh?

While in Sydney we will be involved in programs and activities for at risk teens at the Airds Bradbury Youth Center, which is also where the Sydney Samoan Church of the Nazarene is located. We will also be participating in children's ministry, hospital visitation and just good-old friend making! The Samoan community has welcomed us warmly already, and we aren't even on site yet!

We leave the US on June 6, fly to LA and then straight to Sydney. The route home takes us through Auckland, NZ for a quick layover and then home to the US. Thanks for praying for our travel safety, as well as those jittery nerves and tender tummies for some of our team members. Long flights (13-16 hours in one shot) can be a doozy for some people.

Please continue to check his blog for more details and photos each week. Mates, thanks HEAPS for your prayer and financial support as we have been in preparation for this trip. Really, it's not about us anyway. It's all about our Lord Jesus Christ and building HIS kingdom! Thanks!

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