Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally Home!

We're home!

After many re-bookings, re-routings, and more time in a plane/airport than any of would like to repeat in the near future, we are home in Kansas City! Our long journey home began over two days ago and took us from Sydney. . . to Auckland New Zealand. . . to LA. . . to Phoenix. . . and finally to KC!
Though our delay in international flights caused us to miss all connecting flights into KC, we were still all able to stay together for the remainder of our trip home and finally arrived home right before midnight last night. Praise the Lord!

Due to crossing the international date line again when flying over the Pacific, we have repeated June 30th twice. How often do you get a chance to live one day all over again-eh?!

THANK YOU for your prayers throughout our time in Australia. I will continue to update this blog over the next few days with more photos for you to enjoy. (We have a solid internet connection now!)

Though we are thousands of miles from our Aussie 'home', they will always remain in our thoughts and in our prayers. Who knows, you may be hearing from some of us again in the not-too-distant future as we trek back to Australia.

Tofa Soifua (Good-bye),

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