Friday, May 1, 2009

What is mission? Let's talk.

Hey Team,
So we say we're going on a "mission trip" to Australia, huh? What does that really mean? Whose mission is it anyway? Is it something we do as part of a church or an organization. . .or is mission the essence of who we ARE as Christ-followers? Let's dialogue a little bit on what it means for us to participate in GOD'S mission. Did you know that our God is actually the first missionary?

The word "mission" means "sending", and up until the 16th century it was always used in reference to the Trinity (God the Father sending the Son, and then the Father and Son sending the Holy Spirit. . .). God has sent himself to us! Mission is not just something people do as a program of their church or some special ministry that is only done 'overseas' or 'over there' somewhere.

Missiologist Lesslie Newbigin defines mission as “Communication of the gospel in life, word, and deed in every part of the world.” God has commanded us to be witnesses of His love and good news everywhere. . .Olathe. . or Australia! After all, He is already there!

So, what do you all think? Please leave a comment below.

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