Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lightning Bugs

Why is it that it's only cute for young children to catch lightning bugs?

Could it be that it's nearly impossible to catch one of these little creatures, thus making the task look utterly ridiculous for anyone who tries? It's much more pleasurable to watch a child frolicking through the woods to catch a firefly than to see a grown adult stumbling in the darkness, tripping in the weeds, trying to accomplish the same task, only with little or nothing to show for their humiliation.

Regardless, I have been fascinated by these flying flashlights for years and made up my mind to capture one in the heat of this Kansas summer night. Despite the possibility of humiliation and being eaten alive by other night creatures, I accomplished my mission!

I have grown very fond of my new friend; I think I'll call him 'Indiglo'. The light he emits very closely resembles the glow of a Timex Indiglo watch I used to have. I wanted to protect my new friend, so I quickly punched holes in the lid of my glass jar to provide him with air.. . .

However, now 30 minutes into this, I am noticing that Indiglo's light is fading quickly. 30 minutes ago he was enjoying life in the forest by the MNU soccer fields, but was abruptly removed from his 'home' and alienated from his other nocturnal insect friends. When I first caught him he glowed constantly, flashing rapidly, as if he was sending an S.O.S. to his other forest friends, some type of morse code. Now his light is faded and sporadic as he sits in his new jar as a lonely little bug.

Why the sad story of the lightning bug, you ask? Well, this little bug has got me thinking. Perhaps us human creatures are a bit like the lightning bug. Our lights shine best when we are functioning within our God given calling (true vocation), and supported by friends and family that love us. It is more difficult to shine when we are lonely and displaced, which is why we need the comfort of our Great Comforter, the Holy Spirit, and of others in the body of Christ lift us up and recharge our lights. We all need each other,so let's help each other keep our lights shining.

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