Tuesday, February 1, 2011


To my Aussie friends enjoying the summer sunshine:

I used to think shoveling snow was fun. You know, a great way to burn calories, clear the lungs, and go frolicking about in a winter wonderland. Now, after the third major snowstorm in four weeks, it is merely a necessary evil that keeps us from getting trapped in the house and going insane.

Shoveling in a blizzard is really nothing more than a futile attempt to move massive amounts of snow around and look busy, only to find that minutes later all evidence of your efforts are buried once again.

Today Kansas City is again getting slammed with snow, the worst in years. Schools are closed for the 4th time since the New Year; banks are actually closing early, and believe it or not, MNU cancelled ALL classes and offices. We are in the middle of a true blizzard right now and as I peer through the window the visibility is minimal; all I see is white. The snow is falling at a rate of 2.5 inches per hour (that's 6.35 cm of snow every hour for you metric folks) and it has been snowing non-stop for over 8 hours now; you do the math. This isn't even good sledding weather, because the wind is roaring and the windchills are far below 0'F (-20'C).

Well, hoping this makes for a green spring! In the meantime; it's time to bundle up and be thankful for central heating, warm clothing, hot showers, and good food.

See you all in a few months!

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