Monday, May 16, 2011

And now your God is my God. . .

I just have to share with you a story that will send goosebumps up your arms (the good kind) and set your heart on fire.

This week a friend of mine headed to India to be with his ailing 83 y.o. father, in hopes to convince him to get a life-saving surgery.  More importantly, he traveled all the way to India to share with his Hindu father the new life had had found in Jesus Christ.  He and his wife had been praying scripture over the aged man for weeks, asking for God's help in sharing the good news of Christ with him.

Upon arrival in India, my friend found that this father not only refused to have the surgery done, but was also entirely negative toward any comments about Christ or prayers that my friend offered on his behalf.  He wanted nothing to do with his God.

My friend was distraught at his father's refusal to do the surgery and his blatant opposition to the gospel, so he called home to have his wife, our pastor, and the church pray. .. and pray we did.

Just this weekend my friend's wife received another phone call from India, but this time instead of words spoken from a heavy heart, his words were ones of  deep rejoicing!  He reported that his dad went through the surgery after all, that it was successful, and that when asked what made him change his mind (after all, he was not at all fond of the idea) he said. . . . . "Your God appeared to me last night and told me to have surgery! Now your God is my God. too."

Incredible!  Incredible is all I can say!  Isn't it just like the LORD to reveal himself in creative ways and make himself known!  God IS real and He is all about changing reality for those who are open to his love.  God just changed reality for my friend's dad.  Praise Him!

Please pray for my friend's dad, that he would completely choose Christ and pledge his heart to him, and be freed to live victoriously, unbound by the gods of this world that the Hindu religion has set up for him.

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