Friday, July 8, 2011

Youth Camp in Pottsville-


      23 of us just returned from a truly memorable time with the teens from Logan and Capalaba at youth camp down in Pottsville, NSW.  I still kick myself every time I find myself at the beach in the sunshine in the middle of what they like to call "winter".  It was sunny and 70s everyday with cool clear nights sleeping under a canopy of stars.  Spectacular!

    The only thing better than the weather and the scenery is the fellowship of the saints.  We all had a fantastic time with the teens working together, cooking together, playing together and even getting sick together.  There was a lot of togetherness! 

    As I sat on the beach watching the kids paddling together in their canoes or giggling as they splashed in the salty sea, I knew I was getting a glimpse of heaven.  Enjoy some pics below. . .

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