Sunday, July 4, 2010

Speak Aussie?

Jandals- flip flops, sandals
Ta- Thanks; Cheers- Thanks
Maccas- McDonalds
Petrol- gasoline
Tomato sauce- ketchup
Motorways- Highways
footpath- sidewalk
Toilet- Bathroom (here the toilet is in a totally seperate room from the sink and shower. ... a 'bathroom' refers only to the shower room.)
Tea- any meal
Jumper- sweatshirt or jacket
Bonnet- hood of car
Boot- trunk of car
Car park- parking lot
Rubbish bin- trash can
'Faatalofa atu'; 'Afio-mai';
'Tala mai aao': Welcome in Samoan
'Talofa': Hello in Samoan
'Tofa tofa soifua': Good-bye

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