Friday, July 9, 2010

Youth Camp- Evans Head

In case you've noticed that we haven't posted on the blog for a few days, that is because we just returned from a fantastic time with the youth from both the Gold Coast and Logan churches for youth camp at Evans Head.

Evans Head is a sleepy little coastal town 3 hours south of Brisbane, just over the border into New South Wales. It is gorgeous and our campsite was just a 5 minute walk from the shore- incredible! We enjoyed surfing, lazer skirmish, beach games, good eats, great devotionals by the team, and a wonderful time bonding with all. There is a special comeraderie that occurs when people are removed from their normal routine of life and learn to work together. New friendships are formed and old ones are strengthened. What a gift.

We walked along the beach Tuesday night under a glorious canopy of stars. You definitely don't see that in Kansas! Enjoy some pics from camp:

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