Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not Done Yet

It is Thursday night here in Australia, and as many of us reflect on the past three weeks we can't help but be filled with awe at how the Lord works. Our time here in Airds is drawing to a close and the next couple days will be filled with tears and hugs as we say good-bye to many people with whom we've become very close.

YES. . . speaking on the radio, doing children's and teens ministries, picking up rubbish, preaching, singing and playing games were all fun and worthwhile, but the heart of the matter is that Airds is filled with hurting people, just like you and me, who need the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. It will not matter how many cockatoos, koalas and kangaroos we did (or did not) see. It won't matter how many cool sites we visited. What matters is what happens after this team of crazy Americans leaves. Will the teens we met finally let down the hard facade they display and let the love of God make them whole? Will the neighborhood know that the living God is living among them, even amidst their violence and addictions? That is our prayer. That is why we are here.

We will be boarding a plan for the Auckand, New Zealand on Monday morning and then head straight for the States. I hope to update this blog a couple more times before we go. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey to the 'Land Down Under'. Please pray for safe travels and continued ministry effectiveness along the way. This adventure is not done yet.

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Eldon Meyers said...

Thanks again for the Blog updates. It has been great knowing we have a group of Nazarene students with a heart for others. It is also great to hear about the lives of the Australian Nazarenes. It is cool to realize we are one big family. News from home: Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft today to retire and manage his charitable funds. Tell Cora Meyers Hi. Be Safe - Eldon Meyers, Corwith, Iowa.