Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prayer is a powerful tool, gift and weapon against the devil. Airds, the area where we reside during our stay here is a low-income community with many families plagued by the consequences of drug abuse, domestic violence and sin. Our goal is to show the love of Christ through our actions and words and to support and empower the Samoan church of the Nazarene here in Airds.

After a beautiful time of team prayer it became evident that perhaps one of the most powerful ministries we can do here in Australia is to PRAY! There is no telling what the Lord will do when His people seek HIM! So. . . during our open times each day we are committed to prayer walks through the neighborhood and cleaning up the abundance of rubbish in the area.

Tonight we will be leading small group Bible Studies and youth activities at the center. The relationships we build here, we hope will be life changing both for the team and those with whom we correspond.

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Eldon Meyers said...

Hello, Thanks for the daily updates and pictures. It almost feels like we are there with you. Sounds like you guys are making a neat impact on those you meet. Our Britt, Iowa Church is praying for you - both for effective ministry opportunities and safety as you travel. Tell Cora Meyers "Hi" for me - I am her Dad. News from home - Iowa Illinois and Indiana have been hit with heavy rains and flooding. Here in Iowa it has gotten quite serious. Mason City - North Iowa's largest city is flooded - businesses and resturaunts are closed. No running water. Hospital is closed and a City Curfew is in affect after dark. Keep up the good work - Best wishes. Eldon Meyers