Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On the Radio!!!

We're going to be on the radio Thursday! To make a really cool, but long story short. . .

Ian, the older gentleman/neighbor who has become a dear friend of ours, was so impressed by our team's presence here in Campbelltown/Airds that he contacted one of the nearby radio station. They in turn got in touch with us, and come Thursday at 11:00am, we'll be interviewed live on the air! Please pray for us and any listening ears as we share about our mission here and how the Lord is working in the midst of the Samoan community!

As it happens, the radio show host previously worked with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Samoa years ago and was actually stationed near a Nazarene church there. Now she is here in Campbelltown, ministering to the elderly via the media of radio. The crazy thing is that not only was she very familiar with the Nazarenes in Samoa (she is not a Nazarene), now she lives in a primarily Samoan community . . AND it just so happens that she is going to be in Canberra next weekend, as are we! So many little connections and coincidences that are not really coincidences at all, but rather the handiwork of our Magnificent God!

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