Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sacred Moments

This weekend was filled with sacred moments, points in time when God's presence was SO real and we knew He was using our team for a very specific purpose! Friday, Saturday and Sunday was spent with youth from the Birrong Church of the Nazarene and it's surrounding community. We lead children's Bible hour, young adult activities and Bible studies, and participated in both the AM and PM services at Sydney Samoan and Campbelltown churches.

Yesterday was spent having a go at some Rugby with the kids at the park and enjoying other outdoor activities all day long. Depsite the sore muscles, I think we would all agree that it was a day to be remembered. Throughout the weekend each of us had the great privilege of sharing our testimonies, performing a skits and songs, and continuing to intentionally build relationships with the Samoan teens and adults we see on a regular basis. Michael delivered powerful messages on God's love and care to the islanders in the church! Very receptive people!

As you know, we are constantly surrounded by Islanders, those from the Pacific islands such as Samoa, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, etc. Three things we have discovered when living among these people:
  1. They love to eat. . . . large quantities. . . all the time! Bring on the sausages!
  2. Time is relative. 'Island time' cannot be limited by the clock. One hour may really mean 2-3 hours. 9:00 doesn't really mean 9:00. Though it can be frustrating for us busy-bodied Americans, it is quite refreshing at times as well.
  3. They are incredibly giving people, always looking out for the good of the whole, rather than the individual- amazing!
So. . . we're a third of the way through this Australian adventure and this blog doesn't tell the half of what has already happened! God is good and we can't wait to see what He has in store for this week! Our internet access is limited at times and the photos have not been uploading to the blog well, thus the lack of pictures. Sorry. We'll keep trying.

And to those of you in the States. . . HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

More to come later!

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