Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Australian Countryside- Maryborough

We had a very busy ( and absolutely FANTASTIC) week with our Pacific Islander bros and sisters in Logan, and now it's off to see a different side of Australia. . . the countryside of Maryborough! This included a 4-hour train ride up the east coast of Australia farther up into the state of Queensland.

A mob of kangaroos have found their home in the fields here and it's not unusual to see them sunbathing on a warm sunny winter day here in Maryborough.. . along with cockatoos, frill-necked lizards, and geckos.

The weather here has been perfect so far! Since we are much closer to the equator here in Queensland, the days are sunny and relatively warm, with temps even getting into the low 70s here in Maryborough. What a winter, huh?

This week our team will be meeting with elderly folks in the nursing homes, hosting youth activities and chapel services at the highschool, as well as engaging in other ways to partner with Christians in Maryborough to bless the community. Sunday we have the privilege of leading the morning worship service at Richmond Street Church of the Nazarene.

We'll keep you posted as much as possible. . so stay tuned for the next installment on our blog. Thank you for your prayers four our team and for both the Logan, Brisbane and Maryborough communities here in Queensland.

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KoKonuts said...

Hey Girls,

Praise the Lord you made to Maryborough safe and sound. So how was the cool as train ride?...lol ...We are all goody too shoes over here in Brisbane, its warm and sunny still. We miss you heaps.
The kids have returned back to school this week. My tribe of kids have asked when your all coming back...hopefully soon....
I see you've met one of the locals?..(kangaroo) Well won't take up too much of your time. Take it easy as and enjoy yourselves hardout.
love lots to Emily, Nicole, Johanna, Katie, Beth and Allison
God Bless.
Alisa and Crew