Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're Here!!!

G'day from Brisbane, Australia!

We finally landed this morning, July 8 5:30 in Brisbane and all went without a hitch (well, almost). We thank the Lord for smooth flights, great service and the amazing hospitality already shown to us by our brothers and sisters at the Logan Community Church of the Nazarene!

After promptly being picked up from the airport we jumped into our first day of "Wild and Wacky Week" with the kiddos from the neighborhood, 31 to be exact! The kids are fantastic and the entire day was a blast teaching, singing, creating and playing as we learned how to "Go Lead" following the example of Gideon. The Lord truly gave us the energy and smiles He knew we needed to take charge of the day despite some major jet lag. Thank you Jesus.

Tomorrow and Friday we will continue with "Wild and Wacky Week" during the work day. Then we will engage the teen gals in some study on the inner beauty that God finds of great worth, as described in 1 Peter 3.

Photos are coming. . .we've got heaps. . .so stay tuned! In meantime, please leave a comment!

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