Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great Folks in Maryborough

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful picnic with the youth and families of the Maryborough community. Did you know that Maryborough, Queensland is actually the birthplace of "Marry Poppins" author, Helen Goff (alias Pamela Travers)? It is suspected that many of the sites, buildings, and much of the architecture even in Disney's version of "Marry Poppins" is reminiscent of this unassuming small town in Australia rather than from London, England. Ya learn something new everyday, huh?

Today we spent some time with the residents at the Groundwater Center, a nursing home for elderly residents, having a chat, enjoying a 'cuppa' (tea) and joining some of them for a mid-week worship service put on by a local church. It was interesting to hear their stories of life in Maryborough, many of them farmers and fishermen who have never left this small town.

The kangaroos continue to be as fascinating as can be. Did you know that a male red kangaroo can be grow to be over 6 feet tall and can balance it's entire body back on his tail? Amazing!

Please continue to pray for the team, that we would boldly proclaim Christ and live out His love in everything we do and say. Thank you!

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