Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did You Know?

Little Known Facts About Maryborough, Australia:
  • It is the birthplace of "Marry Poppins" author, Helen Goff (alias Pamela Travers).
  • It is believed that many of the buildings and streets in Disney's version of the story are actually reminiscent of this small town in Australia, rather than from London. (Remember Cherry Tree Lane, Admiral Boom's house, etc.?)
  • Maryborough is a town of about 23,000.
  • The people are hard-working and fantastic to be with!

Yesterday we enjoyed a picnic with the families and youth of this tight-knit community and today spent some time with the residents at the Groundwater Centre, a nursing home for the elderly. It was fascinating to to hear the stories of some of the Maryborough folks, some of whom haven't left this town in over 50 years. Many of them were farmers and fishermen/women and one of them was even the eldest of 17 children!

Please continue to pray for the team, that we would boldly proclaim Jesus Christ and live out His love in everything we do and say. Thank you!

(More pictures are coming, but the internet is a bit rough right now. . . )

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